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12 incredible facts about sleep you need to know

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This is a guest post by Alivia Cora.

Sleep has always been an effective remedy for curing pain and sorrow. However, until around 25 years ago, we knew little about sleep. Fortunately, today with the continuous research and study, there is so much to know about the magical sleep moments.

On average, a human spent one-third of his life sleeping. But, what happens in that one-third part of his life is not very clear. Therefore, sleep has become interesting for everyone to find more about it. Things like how sleep affects the human body and help it to recover are some of the common questions researchers ponder about.

Here we are going to discuss 12 amazing facts about sleep that you might haven’t heard of:

  1. Do you prefer disturbance-free sleep? Then probably lesser altitude is the best place for you to sleep. If you are traveling to a place higher…

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