World wildlife day history

March 3rd is World Wildlife Day, an annual observance for flora and fauna.

History of World Wildlife Day

On March 3, 1973, the Thailand government, in consultation with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), submitted their proposal to promote “the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity” and “to ensure that no species entering into international trade is threatened with extinction.”

…We recognize the economic, social and environmental impacts of illicit trafficking in wildlife, where firm and strengthened action needs to be taken on both the supply and demand sides…

Thailand government and CITES, World Wildlife Day

With World Wildlife Day established, its importance are not only recognized, but also issues are internationally communicated; thus, enabling worldwide action to conserve it.

Convention On International Trade In Endangered Species of Wild Fauna And Flora, Strategic Matters: World Wildlife Day. Retrieved March 2, 2019 from

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