Bittersweet memories by Bullet For My Valentine [ music video + lyrics ]

Bullet For My Valentine – Bittersweet Memories by Bullet For My Valentine, on YouTube

You turn me off at the push of a button,
And you pretend that I don’t mean nothing.
I’m not a saint; that’s easy to tell;
But guess what, honey? You ain’t no angel.

You like to scream; use words as a weapon;
Well, go ahead take your best shot, woman.
I wanna leave you – it’s easy to see;
But guess what, honey? It’s not that easy.

I wanna run and escape from your prison;
But when I leave, I feel something is missing.
I’m not afraid; that’s easy to tell;
This can’t be heaven; It feels like I’m in hell.

You’re like a drug that I can’t stop taking;
I want more and I can’t stop craving.
I still want you; it’s easy to see;
But guess what, honey? You’re not that good for me.

We get so complicated (complicated);
This finger’s for our memories.

So rip my pictures from your wall;
Tear them down and burn them all.
Light the fire and walk away;
There’s nothing left to say, so…

Take the ashes from the floor;
Bury them to just make sure
That nothing more is left of me –
Just bittersweet memories.

Just bittersweet memories…

There’s nothing left to say.
There’s nothing left to say.

Bullet For My Valentine, Bittersweet Memories
Lyrics by Don Gilmore, Jason James, Michael Paget, Michael Thomas & Matthew Tuck

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