Good busy vs. busy

It’s just Wednesday and halfway through the 2nd week of January. Did you really get enough of that holiday? Why do I sense that you’re fast-forwarding your way though Friday afternoon? . . . Oh, that was me thinking out loud. Haha…

Let’s get good-busy!
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Well, not really!

I shared 7 healthy ways to start the new right, didn’t I? And I “proclaimed” I’m feeling good and wrote/proof-read over and over 19 ways to make yourself feel good, too. Those are to rev up the new year, of course, and I mean all of those! So, let’s get good-busy…

Memory recall: good busy

I remember the first time I heard that phrase…

I was on my desk silently working when I overheard our former CEO said to someone that “I’m busy, good busy”. I thought he just partnered those two words up and it kinda sounded cool. From then on, I would use it to describe my #workstatus.

Colleague: “How are you, LL?”
Me: “I’m good-busy . . . and you?..”

If you think otherwise, then you probably don’t like your current state. Maybe you need to pack your things and go. I know #youdeservebetter.

If you don’t like where you are, move. You’re not a tree.

Unknown quote
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Last Thursday, I went to Walgreens to pick up my prescription. The lady pharmacist checked my data and said, “Come back in 10 minutes. I won’t be able to page you. I’m busy.” I looked at my phone to set up my alarm as I silently stepped away. I thought it was rude . . . but, ugh, who cares? . . . When I came back, she had just clocked out but said it’s ready for me. She was nice . . . but just frankly busy earlier so #noworries.

Good busy, a positive expression

I think using good-busy is a positive way of expressing, “I’m busy.” It shows that you like what you’re doing and the time you’re spending is well worth it. It also sorta gives you energy and, overall, adds up to your #value.

But how can you *literally* say that? It’s gonna sound very unusual if that pharmacist say, “Come back in 10. I’m good-busy.” Well… Who knows? Kids keep reinventing catch phrases anyway. #meme

Let’s get good-busy.

lancelonie quote
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